What does the status of a product "on order" mean?
Many of our products do not just lay in a dusty warehouse and we start manufacturing them only after receiving an order. For example, a belt can be of different lengths, colors, and it can have different overlays at the discretion of the customer.

Are all the products on the website available in stock?
No, if you see the status "On order", it means that this product requires approval of manufacturing with the customer.

Can I book a product?
It is possible, but there is no need for this, since we cast products with a stock and there is enough of everything for each customer

Can I order a product in a different color / metal?
Yes, if you see the corresponding clarification in the product description or the corresponding item in the drop-down selection menu when ordering. Also, you can always send us a note if you did not find the color or metal you need. We will try to help.

Can I buy a product in bulk / in large quantities?
Yes, you can send us a note and describe the requirements. They are usually individual for each product.

Do you have a showroom? Where can you see the products live?
Live products can be seen only in our workshop. We do not have a showroom, but we will be glad to have visitors in Veliky Novgorod.

I need something that you do not yet have on your site, where should I ask?
Send us a note with a detailed description of what you need. The store already has some items that we made to order and which will be later added to the existing assortment. In case you need an individual order that we cannot use in mass production, please specify this when requesting.

Can I change the size of the buckle / shank to suit my needs?
Unfortunately, there is no technical possibility to change the finished product. We may consider adding a new dimension grid in case of a large number of requests.
How to place an order?
Use the corresponding form on the website

Can I place an order by phone?
You can clarify the details of the order by phone, but you can order directly only on the website, since payment can be processed only online.

Can I place an order through the messenger?
The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.

When and how will I be contacted after placing an order?
As a rule, the manager sends an e-mail within a few hours after receiving the order. In extreme cases (holidays or weekends), an order confirmation message may arrive within 24 hours.

How can I change my details after placing an order?
You can provide the necessary data for the change when the manager contacts you.

How can I change the composition of an order after placing it?
You can provide the necessary data for the change when the manager contacts you. However, it is important to understand that a change in the number of order items leads to a change in its final cost.

Can I place an order as a gift for another person?
Certainly. Just enter the required recipient and his address on the corresponding order lines. Upon confirmation, the manager will once again clarify this information. Don't forget to order your gift wrapping!

How can I cancel my order?
Send us a note within 24 hrs from order date, you can also inform the manager about this and he will cancel the order on his own.

Can my order be canceled?
The order can be canceled at the request of the customer, or under force majeure circumstances (for example, equipment breakdown, emergencies, illness of workers at work, overthrow of Putin.)

We also reserve the right to refuse an order if it contains:
Adult material
Child pornography
Drug propaganda
Sale of weapons
Call for bullying
Call for suicide
Animal abuse
Hostile speech
(the point is purely to protect ourselves from any degenerates - we can refuse, or we may not refuse)
How can I pay for an order?
VK-pay, Paypal or bank transfer. Bank details will be sent upon request.

Do you send orders by cash on delivery?
Cash payment is available only in Estonia or Moldova.

Do payment methods vary by region and shipping method?
The delivery method depends on the region only.

Regarding foreign deliveries, there is always the Estonia Post, it does not care where to send things.

Is it safe to pay for an order with a bank card on the website?
Yes. Here it is necessary to register these nuances about the return of money in the event of a dispute in the transaction, Anya does not understand them.
What delivery options are possible?
Estonia Post, DHL, USPS, FedEX, TNT — worldwide

How to calculate shipping cost?
This task lies on your shoulders guys, as the shipping cost depends on the chosen service. With Estonia Post the delivery is free all over the world.

What are the delivery times?
In Estonia: Estonia Post within two weeks.
Around the world: Up to a month.

How can I track my order?
Immediately after we receive confirmation of the acceptance of the parcel for delivery, we send the tracking number to your email for tracking. You can track the package's movements either on the website of the selected delivery service or on third-party sites.

Is there delivery to other countries?
Yes, we send parcels by Estonia Post all over the world.

When will the delivery be free?
With Estonia Post the delivery is free all over the world.

How long is the order kept at the pick-up point?
Each delivery service has its own terms and conditions. Usually it is about a week.

How can I find out the delivery date and time of my order?
You can find out this information by tracking the track number. Or clarify this question with the manager.

If I order two items in separate orders, will they be delivered in one package?
Yes, we can pack individual orders in one box at the request of the customer. If you leave two separate orders without any comment, the manager will clarify this issue.

What if my item was not delivered to me on the day of delivery?
Contact us, we will try to resolve this issue with the delivery service.

What if I could not meet the courier on the stated date and time?
As a rule, delivery services take the parcels to the warehouse, from where it can be picked up. But if you ordered a courier delivery to the door, write to us, we will agree on a different delivery time.
Can I return an ordered product?
According to the law, goods of good quality can be returned due to the fact that they did not suit you in size, color or style within 14 days, except for goods on the list of "non-returnable". Our products do not belong to this list. Return shipping is at the buyer's expense.

When will I receive my money for the returned item?
Refunds are made within ten days from the date of application for a refund. However, the timing of the receipt of funds on the buyer's card depends on banks and payment services. It is necessary to clarify in each particular case.

What to do if the wrong item arrives?
Contact us, we will settle this issue. As a rule, we arrange delivery at our expense and send the correct item.

What to do if the product arrives with a defect?
Please send us a photo where the defect or defect of our product is clearly visible. In case of confirmation of the defect, we will send you a new product.

I have complaints / claims regarding the operation of the online store. Whom can I contact?
The site has a feedback form, we will resolve the issue for each complaint.

What documents are required to return an order?
Send us a free-form application for the return of the order and confirmation of its payment - a check from an online bank or a scanned check that allows you to easily read its contents. More details in the section "Rules of exchange and return"
Return and problem solving
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