Who is Copper Raven?
We replaced the forge with an induction furnace, ceramic crucibles with graphite, stone and clay molds with composite ones, centrifugal force with vacuum. Only the technology of creating a product using the lost wax model has remained practically unchanged.

Things happened of their own accord. We were a small design and crafts bureau. And at some point in our work, we realized that we were ready to learn something else new and decided that it was time to add such an ancient craft as metal casting to the list of our services.

It is not known for certain in what century humanity came to the idea of melting metal and cooling it in a prepared form, but we came to this last winter; It was on February 1, 2020 that the Copper Raven hatched from a bronze egg. During these six months, our bird has overgrown with feathers, developments and is making its first steps in the foundry field, and we will share its successes with you.
The "Copper Raven" nests in the ancient Velikiy Novgorod - the cradle of Russian statehood, therefore some of our products are tightly connected with the history of Russia.
Recovering the master craft of whitesmithing isn't an easy task. So we are doing what we can, to bring you what you want.