Belt buckle "Khorne"

Copper Raven
The Khorne belt buckle is a unique and stylish piece of jewelry made in the shape of the symbol of the famous God from the Warhammer universe.

It is made of two brass plates, which are riveted together, and filled with red enamel. The color of the enamel symbolizes blood and rage, which reflects the essence of the God Khorne - the lord of war and destruction.

This belt buckle will be a great addition to your outfit, highlighting your love for the Warhammer universe and respect for the God Khorne. It can also be a wonderful gift for fans of this famous universe.

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Material: Sheet brass

Material: Enamel

Product type: Buckle

Belt buckle width: 3.5 cm

lwh: 53x40x4 mm

Weight: 22 g