Belt buckle dwarven "Arnan"

Copper Raven
The “Arnan” belt buckle is not just an accessory, but a real testament to the harsh character of the dwarves. Crafted from solid bronze, it fits perfectly on a 1.5cm wide belt.

This buckle represents the strength and resilience of the dwarven tribes. Their bearded faces, carved on metal, symbolize the steadfastness and inflexibility of this people.
Looking at the “Dwarven Face”, you seem to feel how the hardness of the stone and the heat of the fire flow into your body. This product was created for those who value traditions and history, for those who are close to the concepts of loyalty and honor.

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Material: Brass

Product type: Buckle

Belt buckle width: 1,5 cm

lwh: 47x28x4 mm

Weight: 22 g