Pendant "Shield Myrmidia"

Embrace the grace and valor of Myrmidia with our captivating Brooch - skillfully crafted with intricate detail, this versatile accessory features the revered symbol of the goddess of war and strategy within the fantasy realm!

Forged with exceptional artistry, this brooch is a testament to the divine presence and noble qualities represented by Myrmidia. Embrace the allure of her symbol, embodying both the grace of war and the wisdom of strategic prowess. This piece of art exudes an air of timeless elegance, capturing the essence of this revered goddess within the fantasy world.

Carry the spirit of Myrmidia with you, a tangible reminder of valor and strategic brilliance. Gift this masterpiece to a kindred spirit or keep it as a cherished symbol of courage and wisdom, celebrating the noble charm within the realm of your imagination.

Size: 65x40x9mm
Weight: 37g
Weight with packaging: 57g

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lwh: 65x40x9 mm

Weight: 37 g