Pin "Forge World, Stygies VIII"

Copper Raven
"You were born in the shadow of the Omnissiah and all your life you have been surrounded with the great wonders and dire terrors of the Machine God's arts. Ever since you were born you have been weighed, measured, codified and tested so that your masters might find your place in the great pattern; an unforgiving process that has fitted you well for survival and supremacy."

The “Forge World” pin is a unique accessory based on the Warhammer universe. This product is ideal for all Warhammer fans who appreciate detail and quality of products.
The badge will not only highlight your love for Warhammer, but will also be a great addition to your collection.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will definitely give a respond!
Made to order.

Material: Brass

Product type: Pin

lwh: 20x20x3 mm

Weight: 6 g