Fibula "Horned deer"

The “Deer with Antlers” fibula, made of noble bronze and decorated with a skillfully recreated image of a graceful animal, is not just a decorative element, but also a functional accessory.

A fibula is a metal fastener used to secure various items of clothing, such as cloaks, capes, or belts. Thanks to it, clothing acquires individuality and style, and is also securely fastened to the body, preventing unwanted inconvenience.

The deer with branched antlers depicted on the fibula symbolizes nobility, grace and power. This animal represents freedom, wisdom and spiritual connection with nature. In the mythology of many peoples, the deer is considered a sacred animal with magical properties and the ability to heal mental and physical wounds.

The “Deer with Antlers” fibula will be an excellent accessory for those who appreciate the beauty of handmade work, are interested in mythology and symbolism, and also seek to express their individuality and emphasize their taste. It is ideal as a gift for friends, colleagues or loved ones, and will remind you and your good wishes every time the owner of the fibula uses it to secure his clothes.

Size: 55 х 60 х 7 g
Weight: 22 g

lwh: 55x60x7 mm

Weight: 22 g

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