Strap-end set with quatrefoil

Women's Quatrefoil Belt Shanks are a unique and stylish piece of jewelry inspired by the stained glass window from Canterbury Cathedral depicting the legendary daughters of King Edward IV - Neville. These elegant details serve not only for decoration, but also for reliable fastening of the women's belt, which allows the role-playing girl to feel confident and comfortable in any situation.

The quatrefoil featured on these shanks is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and well-being, which is especially important for role-playing girls who strive for success in their games and adventures.

Such jewelry will be an excellent addition to the role-playing girl’s outfit, emphasizing her individuality, style and love of history. It will attract the attention of others, creating an aura of mystery and enigma around its owner, as if she really were one of the daughters of Edward IV, descended from the stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral.

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