Brooche Triskelion

Introducing our misterious Triskelion brooche, a stunning symbol popular with the Celts, who used it to cast pagan spells. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brooch pays homage to the balance with nature, and help to find peace, protection and energy of life. Forged from brass, the this brooch exudes a sense of mystique, capturing the essence of the celestial event it symbolizes.

Triskelion brooche is a perfect present for birthdays, Christmas, milestones, hobby newcomers, events, and as a token of appreciation among fellow fans. Embrace the allure of Warhammer and gift this exquisite pendant to celebrate the passion and camaraderie within the universe.

Size: 30 х 30 х 8 mm
Weight: 12 g
Weight with packaging: 32g

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lwh: 30x30x8 mm

Weight: 12 g

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